Free Slots By Type

Nowadays most of the standard online casinos such as offer a wide variety of slot games. These games usually differ on the basis of the number of reels, bonuses, extra features and paylines. You can try out these games of slot with various numbers of spinning reels, such as, 7-reel video slots, 5-reel or 3-reel classics.

  • Reel Slots- This is considered to be the clas­sic slot game. This is because; it has been derived from the first one-armed bandit slot machines. In this game sevens, cherries and bars are used as classic symbols. Since it is easy to play this game is perfect choice for the beginners.
  • Multi-line Slots- Here bigger number of symbols as well as paylines are used. If you want to enjoy extra bonuses and free spins, you should definitely play this game of gambling.
  • i-Slots- Rival software provider has developed this interesting game of gambling. Animated images have been used for designing this game. Usually all i-Slots are 5-reel games that offer exciting bonuses, which differs from game to game. In present times, you will find various i-Slot games based on the same theme.
  • Progressive Slots- Nowadays, progressive slots are considered to be the most played games as they offer the highest prize money. Usually, the progressive jackpot increases with every game played and can accumulate to a huge sum. Progressive slots can be 3-reel classics as well as 5-reel video slots.
  • Bonus Slots- Most of the online slots are bonus games that offer the player extra chances to win, such as free spins, second screen or bonus rounds on the reels. Normally most of the 5-reel slots have bonuses, whereas, the 3-reel slots can have additional bonus features.

Though, nowadays, you will get a wide variety of slot games in a standard gaming website, the above-mentioned slots are indeed the some of the best ones. If you want to try any other the slots above the Casino Action Sverige site offers a fantastic bonus where you can try the slots for free.

Bonus Features
While discussing about slots bonus features, you should first know the names of some of the bonus games,
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